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We offer clear aligner system used to straighten teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. Similar to other invisible aligner brands (like Invisalign) available to dentists or orthodontists certified to offer them to their patients, ClearCorrect straightens teeth using a series of clear custom-made braces, invisible aligners, removable aligners that gradually move teeth a little bit at a time, eventually correcting teeth and improving your new smile.

 During your Free consultation

We will be taking impressions, photographs and radiographs, along with a prescription for your custom-made aligners to the ClearCorrect laboratory, where an exact 3-D computerized model of your teeth is created.

A 3-D computerized representation of your teeth before and after treatment, is available for viewing after treatment planning. With your approval or any adjustment requests. Using the most up-to-date digital mapping technology, custom aligners then are created with computer precision.

How Clear Braces Work

Clear aligner treatment requires a new set of aligners that are worn for One to three-week period.


Clear aligners are worn all the time, except when eating and drinking, or while brushing and flossing. Invisible aligners are barely noticeable and won’t have an impact on your daily routine.

After wearing each aligner set, results will be noticeable as your teeth begin slowly adjusting and aligning to your desired smile.

Periodic check-ups with your dentist are required so your progress can be evaluated and you can be given the next set of aligners. This sequence will continue until you have achieved your new smile.

Treatment time can vary, depending upon your specific condition and degree of misalignment.

The cost of treatment varies from option to option, with Unlimited at the top of the cost spectrum. To determine the best treatment option for you and to further evaluate costs, setup a FREE consultation with Lilys Dental.

Benefit of Clear Braces

Invisible Braces are available to treat adults and teenagers. Children who might not have all of their molars and senior citizens who present with more complicated dental cases also may be candidates for ClearCorrect, but should consult with Lilys Dental to determine the treatment option that best suits their needs.

ClearCorrect can be used to treat the following orthodontic conditions:

  • Crowded teeth

  • Spacing between teeth

  • Overbites

  • Underbites

  • Crooked or turned (rotated) teeth

ClearCorrect vs Traditional Orthodontics

In cases where ClearCorrect is not suitable for certain misalignment cases or complex bite problems, traditional orthodontics can be used. However, traditional metal braces are attached to the teeth and adjusted periodically by your dentist, and they are not removed until your treatment is complete. Also, traditional braces might hinder your ability to perform routine oral hygiene tasks and might interfere with eating and speaking.


On the other hand, the aligners are custom fit to your teeth to provide an irritation-free treatment, with nearly no adjustment discomfort.

ClearCorrect vs. Invisalign

ClearCorrect and Invisalign both are a series of clear, custom-fit, removable aligners that slowly realign teeth into the desired position. Fabricated impressions then are used to create a 3-D model of the teeth. Both are possible solutions to correcting problems such as crowded or spaced teeth, overbites, under bites and crooked (turned) teeth. ClearCorrect aligners offer enhanced clarity (meaning they’re virtually invisible) and are minimally invasive. They’re also resistant to clouding from wear.

Treatment times vary depending on the specific alignment problem.

Cost of Clear Braces

The cost of ClearCorrect Limited treatment is $4999. Of course, treatment costs will vary depending on your specific needs. Ask Lilys Dental about whether your dental insurance covers ClearCorrect

Getting Started with Braces

We can determine if ClearCorrect is the right orthodontic treatment option for you. The consultation is FREE. Alternatively, We may refer you to an orthodontist to determine the best option to meet your specific treatment needs.